Music Experience Design

LACO's "Session" with Four Larks

Four Larks engaged us to create a sound installation in integration with their artistic direction for Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra's first "Session" concert. We composed and built a multichannel sound installation using 13 glass bottles as spatialized sound sources, prepared with transducers, and hung from overhead beams. The natural resonance of each bottle is explored and expanded.

“A night of new music and big ideas, featuring the musicians of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra

SESSION is designed to appeal to those culturally curious souls who may be unfamiliar with classical music as well as concertgoers intrigued by the ways in which the genre can defy expectations.”

Executive Director of LACO, Scott Harrison


Four Larks

Four Larks is a Downtown LA-based creative collective led by Director Mat Sweeney & Designer Sebastian Peters-Lazaro. They are best known for their Ovation Award winning ‘junkyard operas,’ which combine wildly original music, choreography and site-specific design, staged in unexpected locations. Their work bridges new music, avant-pop, dance, and immersive theatre, to create radical performance experiences.


Music Experience Design

Musical Playground at Casa Colina Rehabilitation Research Hospital

Access to the many therapeutic, developmental, and cognitive benefits of music, gaming, and certain human-computer interactions, is often limited to those with extensive training and specialized instruments, making them inaccessible to those with certain neurological, physical or other cognitive differences. Heath Interactive develops platforms and experiences designed to provide more access to musical engagement and its many proven benefits.

A sensorized and interactive musical playground.

A sensorized and interactive musical playground.

Heath Interactive is developing and constructing new musical interactions in close consultation with Casa Colina’s team of therapists and clinical researchers to ensure and confirm that we are building meaningful musical interactions and designing effective therapies for their population.

The Musical Playground at Casa Colina will provide therapists, patients, and caregivers, with new platforms for musically-driven therapies for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other cognitive and developmental differences. This will also provide unique opportunities for clinical research and data collection.


Heath Interactive has engaged internationally-renowned architect, Michael Rotondi and his RotoLab to work on landscape and architectural designs, as well as fabrication and construction.

Phase 1 of the Musical Playground will focus on the research and development, and construction and installation of a set of Musically Interactive Stairs; to be installed at Casa Colina Children’s Center.


Phase 1 will also comprise initial software and hardware development which will anticipate and inform Phase 2’s design goals, as well as provide early prototyping for iterative design in consultation with Casa Colina’s team of therapists, researchers and clinicians. 

Phase 2 will further develop the environment and add additional Interactive Musical Playground Equipment and installations, which may consist of (but which is not restricted to) a musically-interactive water feature (or fountain); an array of musically-interactive structures (i.e. stones, trees, reeds, or other abstract and playful and engaging shapes). 

Music Experience Design


“Diffracted Symphony,” for Dallas Symphony Orchestra and Soluna Festival: large steel sound sculpture with Sebastien Leon and Stephen Fletcher Dewey. Prototyping, multichannel audio system (technical) design, original composition and sound design. Opening May 6, 2018.

This sound sculpture is inspired by the rib cage of a whale washed ashore, with material from Verdi's Requiem re-composed as a funeral mass for the biological state of the world. Excerpts from the Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s performance of the Requiem are re-imagined and embodied in this 3-ton steel sculpture and musical composition.


Heath Interactive composed musical material and performed sound design, as well as prototyped and developed the sculpture’s multichannel audio system.


Music Experience Design


This live installation and 4D 360-VR experience was complete with an immersive custom-built and programmed haptic system with wind and floor effects tied to specific moments in the film.

Audio-Driven Haptic Floor with Haptic Fans. Sound Design and Core Software System.

Audio-Driven Haptic Floor with Haptic Fans. Sound Design and Core Software System.

The VR experience officially kicked off the Project Harden social campaign (@projectharden) and provided a sneak preview of James Harden's upcoming shoe release. The live installation travelled from the Adidas Level 3 basketball camp (#LVL3) at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, NV, to the Houston Galleria Mall in Houston, TX, the Seventh Letter Art Gallery in Los Angeles and to 4 different Houston area Dick Sporting Good's locations.

Concert Music


In this ceremony we especially honor the Wayaná people from the Guiana Highlands (in Brazil, Surinam, and French Guiana). Currently there are only about 1500 living speakers of this Caribbean language. We offer this ceremony to bring these endangered voices into our present awareness; to celebrate and re-invigorate their immense cultural value to our collective human heritage. For more information regarding endangered languages, a good resource is The Endangered Languages Project.

Music Experience Design


Interactive media fair, sound art installation, live musical performance.

"Electronics Live!" converts the museum gallery space into an interactive media fair, demonstrating a variety of approaches to interactive technologies, and engaging the public with hands-on experience in a fun and experimental environment, all before culminating in a live musical performance.


Concert Music

Rain Ceremony

Tlaloc is god of the rain within ancient Mesoamerican mythology. He is god of lightening, thunder, and all storms, floods, or droughts: at once the creator, sustainer, and destroyer.
Rain Ceremony is a sonic ritual whereby the performer, as shaman, is imbued with the power to conjure natural forces of wind, water, and rain; as well as a convergence of the archetypal and the virtual, the ‘natural’ and the electronic.