Music Experience Design

LACO's "Session" with Four Larks

Four Larks engaged us to create a sound installation in integration with their artistic direction for Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra's first "Session" concert. We composed and built a multichannel sound installation using 13 glass bottles as spatialized sound sources, prepared with transducers, and hung from overhead beams. The natural resonance of each bottle is explored and expanded.

“A night of new music and big ideas, featuring the musicians of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra

SESSION is designed to appeal to those culturally curious souls who may be unfamiliar with classical music as well as concertgoers intrigued by the ways in which the genre can defy expectations.”

Executive Director of LACO, Scott Harrison


Four Larks

Four Larks is a Downtown LA-based creative collective led by Director Mat Sweeney & Designer Sebastian Peters-Lazaro. They are best known for their Ovation Award winning ‘junkyard operas,’ which combine wildly original music, choreography and site-specific design, staged in unexpected locations. Their work bridges new music, avant-pop, dance, and immersive theatre, to create radical performance experiences.